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Cebu: I'm so there


Creative Cebu

TubodFest 2009
The Best of Cebuano Art, Design and Culture

March 7 to 13
The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu

Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Motion Picture

Come see how Cebu works its Art.

About Creative Cebu

Creative Cebu is part of the British Council’s Creative Cities program which aims to foster growth and development by creating linkages and promoting cooperation among the city’s creative industries, entrepreneurs, government and other stakeholders. The impetus for this project stems from the belief that development in the 21st century will be driven by the creative sectors. Not only do they already impact most, if not all, industries, their influence continues to increase. However, these creative sectors will not fully realize their potential and maximize their contributions without the support of business and government.

The Creative Cities program in Southeast Asia was launched in Bandung, Indonesia last year. The fourth largest city in the country and the capital of West Java, Bandung is known to be a music and design hotspot with many indie labels, artists and bands. When the Philippines was chosen to be the next venue for a similar project, Jay Aldeguer, who happened to be one of five delegates from the Philippines, insisted on Cebu because of our outstanding history in business, design and the arts as evidenced by the numerous Cebuano creative entrepreneurs and innovators who are world-renowned.

The first component of C2 will be a Design Conference from March 5-7, 2009. It will be attended by 60-70 delegates representing British Council offices from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, China and the UK. In addition to sessions and seminars, they will be visiting our province’s historical and cultural sites, as well as take tours of export factories, One Visayas and Cebu X.

The second component of C2 will be the establishment of the Creative Cebu Network, Inc. which will not only map the contributions of the creative sectors but also maintain a database of those engaging in these activities. The network will also stage numerous events throughout the year so that the collaborations and interaction will continue past the initial conference.

Derived from the Cebuano term for spring, TubodFest 2009 is intended to be a source of ideas and inspiration, and a catalyst for cooperation and innovation. This event will showcase the best of Cebuano Art Design & Culture not just as how it is, but how it can be, and will be open to anyone and everyone.

Ten Creative Sectors have been identified, each of which will have a space that will exhibit the best of their particular discipline.

I have been chosen to be one of the four nexuses for the Creative Cities program by the British Council. I participated in the Bandung Creative City Conference in August 2008. Next week, Cebu hosts around 70 delegates from East Asia and the UK for another conference on creative cities. I'm there. Will post stories...


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