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Lanvin Eyewear


Yesterday I got all dolled up to host the launch of Lanvin Eyewear. I was initially invited as a guest by Lanvin's PR, Carmina Sanchez. I told her I was excited to see the collection (because I'm a closet eyewear fanatic -- my "collection" of luxury eyewear is too embarrassing to share at a time like this -- but note that I've built it over 10 years). I guess she sensed my passion and one thing led to another and they asked me to host the event. I was more than glad to do it.

I haven't been going out to chi-chi events lately. And I needed a light coloured dress. I had to whip something up really quickly. For this rush job, I contacted Carmen Papa the inhouse designer of Tresorie along Jupiter Street. She delivered in four days - a pretty off-white dress with side pockets hidden in the drapes.

Hosted the Lanvin eyewear launch
Photo from fashpack

There was a short show featuring the sunglasses ofcourse. Lanvin eyewear is one of the few brands still totally made in France. A lot of the fashion houses have their eyewear licensed to makers in Italy (which is not bad) and China (which is not so good). There were a few styles that I loved. One was "Carrera" inspired tortoise shell frames with stainless steel screws around it. Really cool masculine-feminine balance going on. What caught everyone's attention were the frames studded with coloured crystals. They were so loud, almost like sculpture, I loved them!

Back stage, I tried them on.

Come to momma....
A bit distracting with the other strass around my neck.

It is obviously a significant piece from Lanvin Spring/Summer 09. Here are some photos from the runway (courtesy: Style.com)

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2009

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2009

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2009

I am reminded of this grand lady's diamond studded eyeglasses. I can't tell you who she is, but she is a fashion icon of stratospheric levels. And yes those are real diamonds.

Going back to my reality... I ended up ordering the red diadem (or strass, or crystals) frames. The distributor says I'm the first brave soul to do so. Looking forward to having them soon.



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