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Le Sigh....


This is a beautiful photo. Brad Pitt took it. It shows Angelina smiling with so much calm and love while she is breastfeeding.

I can totally relate. Breastfeeding is love. I miss breastfeeding. Really. I breastfed both Sophia and Lily for 12 months. And during those times I felt like Superwoman! That was the time I felt most beautiful and powerful. My body had just given life to a child and continued to give life. I ate well and my skin was luminous. I also had the happiest hormones. And the bond between me and my babies were and still are so strong.

Speaking about breastfeeding with Susie Abrera

I continue to advocate breastfeeding - publicly and privately. I was there to help my sister get started and keep it going. I was also there for my cousin who was nearly in tears because she said "there was no milk." There IS always milk. You just have to know the technique. It's the law of supply and demand. The more the baby suckles, the more milk will come. But you can't over suck too soon because you'll be sore. So in the first three days just make your baby suck alternately at each breast for 5 to 10 minutes and then rest and do it again.

I'll be honest, breastfeeding HURTS. It really does, for the first week or so. But once you get your system in place, it is the easiest, cleanest, most natural thing. Sometimes you run into some bumps. I got the dreaded mastitis. I had a clogged milk duct and it just turned so ugly and painful.

Still breastfeeding (after mastitis/breast infection)
Breastfeeding Lily (on a break) after I got a severe breast infection

I re-lactated after I got a breast infection (mastitis) on Lily's seventh month. You don't want to get mastitis. Ask your doctor about it. I was advised to stop breast-feeding, and I did for 3 weeks while I was on medication. But we were both not ready to wean. She was begging for me during those 3 weeks. But I was able to re-lactate after. Continued to breastfeed her until her 1st birthday. My commitment to breastfeeding is still being talked about by my 3 doctors (OB, Breast doctor and Pedia).

Sophia was 11 months old here and still being breastfed.

Here are my tips to happy breastfeeding:

1. Get a pediatrician who advocates and believes in feeding from the breast. She will support you.
2. Ask for a lactation consultant at the hospital. You will need "instructions" in the beginning.
3. Tell the nursery NOT to give your baby milk or a bottle. If needed, they can CUP FEED your baby with glucose water. The baby will not starve (this applies to non-preemies)
4. Read up on how to store milk or join breastfeeding clubs or forums online
5. Get a breast massage. It helps wonders. Your milk will flow like Niagara Falls.
6. Don't get pressured into buying fancy electric breast pumps. You won't know if you really need it until you are already breastfeeding. Wait a few weeks.

Breastfeeding station in SM Mall of Asia
Way to go SM!!!

Reasons to breastfeed:

1. It's clean. No Melamine scare. No bacteria (in water or bottles).

2. It's free. You can save up to P5,000 a month. In one year, that's P60,000. You can buy a Balenciaga bag on sale.

3. You make your baby strong and smart. You pass on your antibodies to her, making her immunity stronger.

4. You lose weight. Your body works to produce milk. It's equivalent to working out. But then your appetite is also equal to a manual-labourer. So just watch the carbs...

5. It contracts your uterus faster. Byebye puson. But you will have to do sit ups to lose the surface fat.

6. Your skin will glow. I had no zits or splotches at all.

7. You and your baby will be so close. In fact so close, that it will be emotional to wean. (Weaning is a separate story altogether).

8. You are doing something that ONLY YOU can do for your child. There are no substitutes to mama's milk.



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