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A Very Special Love


"A Very Special Love" -- the biggest movie of Star Cinema. The biggest movie of the year, and possibly in the history of Philippine cinema.

I was offered the role of Anya Montenegro, half-sister of John Lloyd Cruz' character. Anya was supposed to be the only nice and sympathetic sibling from the Montenegro family. My character, though very minor, was supposed to be John Lloyd's confidante. Even though I've never acted a day in my life, I accepted the role. I figured, why not...

A Very Special Love
Montenegro family

Brother and sister

These are out takes from the photo shoot I did with the cast. There was a mock cover of Metro Society with our "family" in it. This appeared in a billboard along C5. It was one of the scenes in the movie.

One day it will all make sense
Billboard on C5

Movie poster

Technically I am in the movie - my photo at least. And my name is in the credits and movie poster, now also in DVD. And IMDB. But I never got to act. I was booked a few times, but never got to actually go to set. Script revisions. Eventually the team decided that there was no need for the Anya character. And they were right. The movie was perfect the way it was.

I figured I could talk about it now. The movie is a huge success. AVSL is currently airing in Square One in Mississauga Canada. A friend of mine emailed me, congratulating me for being in the movie. He saw my name in the poster. I had to explain.

Currently showing in Mississauga Square One

Patrick and I saw the movie while it was playing in Rockwell (for what seemed like one month). Everyone in the theatre was laughing and kilig. I haven't seen many Pinoy flicks, but this is the only one I've enjoyed from front to finish. After seeing it I was actually glad that I didn't have to have a speaking part. I could only imagine being the worst actor in the movie. If I was there, I don't think I could have pulled off acting like John Lloyd's big sister. His eyes were too dreamy. Everything in the movie was perfect. No one over-acted. The lines were short and sweet. It was funny. And please, someone translate what "kilig" means.

Now I can really say that as far as acting goes, I'm a has-been that never was. And I can laugh about it. I'll stick to what I know best -- producing and hosting my own show. Watch Urban Zone every Sunday night... ours is the last show of the week on ABSCBN.



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