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Win a pair of TKEES from The Flat Shop


32 Angelina Jolie Coco Butter
Angelina Jolie

15 Blake Lively Sunkissed
Blake Lively

angelina j
Angelina Jolie again

TKEES (t-keys) are a fun and easy way to express yourself! We think of them as “Cosmetics For Your Feet.” They are available in over 40 different shades, and emulate cosmetics in terms of color and attributes defining specific categories.

Glam up those feet by the pool, at the beach, at work, at a party, anytime is the right time. Highlight that perfect pedicure, or simply grab a different shade whenever you so desire. Go from laid back to sexy in one fell swoop! Finding the right shade is as east as slipping your feet into another pair. No nail polish remover required to change the mood of your feet. Simply slip on and slip off. Go from relaxed to luminous without the headaches.
TKEES will make you feet smile! (Source: TKEES Press Kit)

Win a pair of TKEES, worth over P2,200. This contest is open to anyone. I will send you a gift certificate and you can claim your TKEES at The Flat Shop, Connecticut Arcade G/F, Greenhills Shopping Center.

If you want to know more about TKEES, I wrote about it here. (I'm still in pain, but this contest was written previously and just published now.)


1. Like my page on Facebook here. Leave this message on my Facebook wall, "I want to win TKEES."

2. Follow me on Twitter, DaphneOP. Tweet me the same message, "I want to win TKEES."

3. Leave me a comment in this entry, " I want to win TKEES." EDIT Please mention your twitter & fb names as well. (Earlier entries can be exempt, as I forgot to write this. We can cross-check later.)

4. Winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday, June 15 by 5:00pm.

5. One entry per person.

6. Note, non-LJ members can also join and leave a comment here. Please put your name, Twitter code name and FB name. Non-LJ commenters have to wait until comments are unscreened. No need to put double entries. Also, you must leave you twitter code name & facebook name, otherwise it gets deleted.

EDIT: And we have a winner.

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