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A baby bird at home


Skip this if you don't care about animals. It's a long one. But it's charming.

Yesterday morning, Sophia woke me up (very early) with this crazy story about a baby bird at the back of the house. She went on and on. Me, "What are you saying?" Sophia, "There's a baby bird in a nest at the back of the house." Me, "Are you serious? We don't have a tree. Where is it?" Sophia, "The nest is inside a pot." Surreal. I got up and went downstairs wearing sleepwear.

A baby bird was born in our backyard. Cute!!!
True enough, there's the baby bird. In a cute nest. Inside a pot. At the back of the house.

We hung around for a bit. Lily thought it was cute but she didn't swoon. She's not really into animals like Sophia is. Stella was thrilled. She wanted to touch it. And when she got away from my grip, she poked the baby. I shrieked. Imagined a decapitated or squeezed baby bird. I scared the bird and the kids - I get queasy and panicky around baby animals. Then I quickly washed her hands with soap and water. (Cute as it was, the bird was a wild animal. Bird flu. I don't know...)

The whole day Thursday, Sophia and I observed the baby bird from outside my 2nd floor window. We had a great view of the nest. From there we saw the mama bird fly in to give the baby a winged insect. While the baby was pecking at its prey, another bird species flew nearby. It was a maya bird... inching its way near the nest, threatening to grab the dead insect. Then the mama bird (a bit longer-tailed than the maya) swooped down towards her baby to protect it from the intruder. It was amazing. Very much like National Geographic, except we weren't in the wild. We were in the laundry area of our house.

By afternoon, I went to work. Soph's assignment was to watch the bird but not to take it or touch it. I also asked my mom to leave it alone. Mom likes to adopt and care for animals that come her way. She's taken care of a wild Maya that fell from its nest when it didn't have wings to fly. When I got back from work, Soph said that the bird was gone. She wasn't upset. She said the mommy bird took it away. Mom and I looked at each other and silently thought that a cat or bigger bird got the baby bird. We knew it was too young to fly. But we didn't tell Sophia about our worries. She would have been crushed.

The next morning (today), Soph does the same thing. Rambles on early in the morning. She said the baby bird was back. Whew, relief. Wow and our yaya was telling the truth. She had said that the mommy bird and daddy bird picked up the baby using their beaks and flew away. I thought that was preposterous. But I guess it was true.

A baby bird was born in our property
Soph took her lola to see the baby bird, now in another part of the laundry area...

A baby bird was born in our property
The baby bird was chillaxing on a twig of a little plant under our water tank.

A baby bird was born in our property
Sophia couldn't keep her eyes off the bird (see the pot closest to the front of her head in photo)

A baby bird was born in our property
The mama bird watched from afar. Soph assumed it was a migratory bird and gave the baby a name. "Migra." I suggested we call it "Tory" instead. She agreed.

A baby bird was born in our property
Any bird experts out there? What kind of bird is this? The male had a crown type thing. (EDIT: It's a yellow-vented bulbul).

A baby bird was born in our property
I'm not sure if this is the mama bird. I'm now beginning to think its a different species.

A baby bird was born in our property
By late morning, the baby bird moved from the branch of the plant to the corner of the water tank base. "Tory" was backed up against the wall. She/he was practicing her flight there.

I captured a bit of it by my iPhone video camera. But I don't know why it's uploaded so small here. You'll see "Tory" trying to flap her wings. Keep your eye on the corner of the wall. And you'll see Mama Bird coming to coach her. It was all pretty amazing.

I told my UZ staff about it. Manny said, "Bakit lapitin kayo ng mga birds? Why are birds always laying eggs in your house?" He was referring to last month. A mourning dove laid eggs and hatched one in my parent's porch in Canada. Sophia asked the same question. I don't know. I just said, "maybe because we have a happy home? So always be nice to your sisters and don't fight each other."

I really don't know the moral of the story. It was just so sweet to see the natural protective and nurturing insticts of the mama bird and the little one's determination to fly.

EDIT: Tin, Thank you for editing my mistake with "specie"/"species". I write very late at night. And I actually hesitated with "specie" but oh well, made a stupid mistake. Same with "conjestion" - that was just a total a typo. Thanks.



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