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Joe Fresh junkie


I was avoiding blogging this because it was just one of those things I thought I could keep to myself for a while. It was my thing with my sisters. Our ritual. And it would have been so lame to blog about it -- that we shop for our clothes at a supermarket.

I grew up in the home of cool brands like MAC make up, Club Monaco and Roots. And because of globalization and the era of giant fashion conglomerates or what-have-yous, all these brands got bought up by (or sold out to) US mega-brands. Now there's Lululemon, which is a successful
Canadian export.

A couple of years ago my sisters told me about Joe Fresh - an in-house brand of clothing at Loblaws (a chain of grocery stores in Canada). I was very intrigued. Pauline had a spring coat that cost her $15 on sale. Hanni was buying childrens' Tshirts for $2 to $4. What's there not to love?

Isabel's 9th birthday party
This is Loblaws in Mississauga. It's heaven!

Isabel's 9th birthday party
Greatest country on earth, I say.

Isabel's 9th birthday party
The green wall divides fresh produce from dry goods. At the far end, there's a whole section on Joe Fresh apparel.

Isabel's 9th birthday party
Loblaws is so much fun, they have a kitchen studio on the second floor for activities like cooking lessons for adults and kids. My niece had her birthday party here.

Isabel's 9th birthday party
The kids made their own pizza.

Isabel's 9th birthday party
Sophia made this.

Joe Fresh Summer 2010
This is the kind of clothes I saw at Loblaws from Joe Fresh Summer 2010. And it was only something like $39.

Joe Fresh was created by Joe Mimran, the same guy who created Club Monaco in the 80's. I remember when CM was all about basics - khakis, jodhpurs, button down shirts. Joe Fresh has the same personality. Basic-preppy-nondescript. Except the prices were dirt cheap. Tshirts were $5, pants were $19. Kids' clothes were exaggeratedly inexpensive. This is why Hanni and I would go to Loblaws almost twice a week. To check on what's new.

Offering Canadians stylish, fresh and affordable apparel and accessories for all seasons, the Joe Fresh® brand is Loblaws answer to Canadian consumers' desire for accessible, of-the-moment style. With collections for men, women and children, this label is designed to solve your family’s fashion needs.

CN Tower with Auntie Tips
This is that same dress above. Except that the model must have been seven feet tall. LOL

Joe Fresh Summer 2011
This is their current Summer 2011 collection.

Joe Fresh Summer 2011
Kids Summer 2011.

Joe Fresh
I also stocked up on some cosmetics. But because they were so cheap, like $4 and $6, I was careful. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the quality of this stuff is good! But by then it was too late. I was back in Manila. The Watermelon lipstick is awesome -- bright fresh pink. And it's creamy so it doesn't dry. The shimmer pencil in nude is always in my purse. I use it to line under my eyes. And the eyeshadow trio has very good pigment.

Joe Fresh
A few days before I left Toronto I went nuts on the accessories as well. These were 50% off by then. So from $19 there were just $9.50 each. These were so similar to the J.Crew accessories I bought for more than $100. Yikes.

Now I'm obsessing over their nail colours. I'm obsessed with nail colours per se. But these ones are too yummy. I want all of these.

Joe Fresh
Hanni, please be on the lookout. I know you got me Lagoon, Wave, Cloud and Mist from Spring 2011. Also please add Tomato from Spring 1. My sister is my personal Joe shopper. My loot is with her. She will either send a box to me, or maybe some kind soul traveling to Manila could bring the stuff for her.

Joe Fresh
Olivier Theyskens, who is the new designer for Theory, personally selected 6 shades with Jin Soon Choi that complimented the colours of his Fall 2011 collection at NYFW. Fog, Eggplant, Storm, Prune, Latte, and Wine polishes were used to match the earthy tones of the clothing. (Source: Joe Fresh Blog)

Last month Joe announced that they will open their first US flagship store in New York at 5th and 43rd. Critics/analysts are skeptical. And it's not just any building. It's a 1950's modern architectural landmark. This is very exciting news. But it's an uphill battle for Canadian retailers trying to cash in on the US market. But I have to admit, I felt a little selfish. I let out a big "nooooo" on Twitter. Joe Fresh made suburban living exciting for us. We shopped there because we enjoyed being frugal about fashion. And we liked being ironic, buying clothes at a grocery store. But now... 5th Avenue?



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