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Remembering baptisms


I've been trying to organize my collection of photos and create some photo albums. All the photographers I've worked with have been waiting for my choices in order to create bound albums... waiting for years. Yikes!

Baptisms are so special. I get very emotional when babies are baptised. It's such a beautiful and touching ceremony. I take all the words to heart, as they're meant to be. I'd never gone overboard with receptions. All our baptismal receptions have been low key and intimate, with minimal detail. Sometimes I wish I had gone the extra mile to create cute little favours or themes. But for us it's just always been about good food and the company. Birthday parties are when I get possessed.

Sophia's Christening 2003
Sophia's Chistening at Don Bosco Batulao, same chapel where we got married. Her godfathers are David Tan, Eric Santos, and my cousin Dr Ariel Santos (represented in the photo by my cousin John Osena). Her godmothers are Angel Aquino, Cher Calvin, Mel Lerma (my first friend, met her when I was one month old) and my sister Hanni (represented by my cousin Joan Osena). Not in photo is Patrick's brother Philip.

My BIL suggested we do the christening all the way in Batulao, Batangas because we got married there. He was also the rector of Don Bosco at the time. We had a nice outdoor reception. I left all the details to my BIL. I remember we had very yummy maliputo fish that was a specialty of the region. I was so amazed that everyone we invited actually went all the way to Batangas just for this occasion.

Blessing from God Parents
Lily receiving blessings from her godparents - Ed Lingao who is Patrick's colleague in journalism, Ingrid Go aka The Bag Hag who's like a sister to me, Katherine Cheng who I met through K&Company has become one of my closest friends and Alex Villanueva, Patrick's childhood barkada. Not in the photo are my siblings, Cyrus and Pauline, cousin John and sister in law Alice Paez. She was christened at Santuario de San Antonio, Makati.

This time around we wanted something convenient and easy. So we chose to have Lily's baptism within Makati. My mom came for a visit. We were able to organize a little tea party like setting at the old Bizu in Greenbelt. I made a bit of an effort with the cookies...

Lily Paloma Cookies
I had these cookies made based on her name Lily Paloma (dove).

Annointing with oil
Annointing Stella with oil, by my brother in law Fr. Dennis Paez. Stella was Christened at Don Bosco Parish in Makati. Photo by Ninang Cecile Van Straten. Her other godparents are Joan Osena, Hecky Villanueva and my brother in law Trevor Holmes.

Mom, I so wanted you to taste this cake. It's by Estrel's
Stella's cake from Estrel's

Stella's christening was the most eventful. It was set on the day typhoon Ondoy struck. By mid-morning Don Bosco was flooded and Cecile's entire first floor was submerged. We obviously called off the christening. The reception at Pepato was postponed to the following week and d whatever food was already prepared, Gaita donated to the victims of the flood. When we went through with Stella's baptism, typhoon Pepeng was lashing out on Central Luzon. It was a christening, thanksgiving and prayer for those still affected.

Dennis and Lily
My BIL Fr Dennis baptised all my daughters. We're so lucky to have him in our family. Words cannot even begin to express what a blessing he is in our lives. Here is Lily wearing the same baptismal frock that both her sisters wore. When Sophia was about to be christened we decided on a pure cotton white gown with very minimal embroidery. We wanted something comfortable and classic. Something that will not look out of place no matter where our children and grandchildren will be baptised. So we went for simple and clean. Patrick found the christening gown in a random shop somewhere.

If you're in the market for a special christening gown for your baby, you might want to check out Katrina Goulbourn Babes...

Press Release

Katrina Goulbourn
Natural pina silk christening gown with pleating and ribbon trim detailing by Katrina Goulbourn Babes.

“When I saw her/him, it was true love.”

You often here these words uttered by the enamored parents of a newborn baby, as there is no greater love than that which a parent has for their child. A parent falls in love with their baby at first sight, then all over again at first touch, first laugh, first cry…

It is with these little precious ones in mind that Katrina Goulbourn Babes latest collection of christening gowns was conceived. An array of romantic, heirloom gowns that reflect a baby’s innocence and purity in shades of ivory, white, and cream with a hint of pastel colours here and there.

Goulbourn’s baptismal gowns for “Petit Chéri” are more classical in feeling in light, soft fabrics such as pina silk, cotton organdy, and jusi accented with the odd pleats or puffs. Emphasis on pretty embellishments – velvet and satin ribbons, specially designed calado embroidery influenced by Victorian and French laces, or Art Nouveau flora and fauna.

“I wanted to explore the more romantic notions for christening gowns this time around, sticking to neutral shades, only adding touches of pale colour where I felt it would add to the charm of the gown.” Explains Katrina. “Some of the gowns are very simple, particularly those in cotton, more pure in concept. While the richer fabrics, although still airy, could afford more elaborate embroidery – namely done in the calado style which is very distinctive and not commonly done.”

The results are enchanting, with beauty found in both simplicity and the complexity of details, in gowns fit for the little loved ones’ special occasion.

Katrina Goulbourn Babes Christening Gowns are exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-la Plaza and Alabang branches, Children’s department and at Silk Cocoon, New World Hotel in Makati. Tel. 811-6856

Katrina Goulbourn
Detail of pina silk gown with floral embroidery design by Katrina Goulbourn Babes.
Photos by: Mik Bjorkenstam
Model: Ava Grace Bjorkenstam

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