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I love my readers


I just want to take this time to thank all of you for keeping me company in this blog through all these years. Your comments and private messages always touch me. I apologize if there are times I cannot reply to you. But if you only knew how cluttered my inboxes are, you'd understand. There have been some requests that I've failed to reply to and I feel really bad about those. Some have sent presents, "just because" with out any secret wishes to be featured. And I want to hug you for that. I will acknowledge some now...

Last year I got this email from Vincent S., a Canadian married to a Filipina:

I am taking a chance here since I love my wife so much. Recently me and my wife went to the canadian embassy in order to complete some papers for her coming to Canada, in a short restroom break, I left her alone and when I came back, she was very excited because she had seen one of her idols : Mrs Daphne Osena Paez. When she told me, I said: Why didn t you say hello, etc. She is very shy. Then I didn t realize how much Ms Daphne was an idol, a source of inspiration in her life till I see that she has a subsciption to Ms Daphne s blog on Twitter, watches her show on TV very late, etc.

I am pretty sure that such a succesful woman like Ms Daphne does not read her mails here, but I would kindly demand if it would be possible to kindly forward this lifetime demand in the proper hands in order to have any type of answer. I would ask if it would be possible for Ms Daphne to take a picture with my wife Jacqueline, of course with all the security necessary if that is a matter for Ms Daphne. I was not able to offer anything to my wife in a long time, she talks about Ms Daphne everyday and I know this would be a memory that would be priceless for her.

V.S., I don't know how to go about having a photo taken with your wife. But if she sees me anywhere public, I am very open to photographs and hellos. Your wife did send me an email a few months ago, with photos of your wedding and your family. However I think I've misplaced the email in my crowded inbox. Please ask her to email me again. I would like to do something special for her.

From Kaye Tan

Kaye sent me a Christmas present. I guess she's figured out that I'm an iPhone user and that my phone's battery always get drained by the middle of the day. So she sent me the most amazing gadget.

Low bat
My iPhone, "lowbat". Yes that's my wall paper. Tee hee.

Mobile charger
I carry this little battery pack inside my purse (must be charged before leaving the house). It's got enough juice to power up my phone for the rest of the day. I like this better than the Mophie Juice pack because that's so bulky.

I really love this and use this everyday. I wrote Kaye back and asked where she got it. She brought in a few units and you can get them from her site VeekaPh on Facebook. Tell her you read it here and you get 10% off.

From Michelle P

From a nice reader
I love the woodblock print card.

From a nice reader

Gift from Michelle P
She sent me some woodblocks she got in India. I'm so thrilled!

From T, my reader who also collects woodblocks. He shared photos of some of his awesome woodblocks from Pakistan. I'm so inspired.

I love the graphic quality of this print. There's something so modern about.

This is so pretty. I could do so much with this block.

Apparently these woodblocks are about 6"x6".

Thank you for sharing your passions, your stories, your advice. I really appreciate your gestures. There have been many. I apologize for not mentioning you all. I'll get around to it one day... for now, a general 'thank you'!



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