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BC Magazine January 2011


What a way to start the year for me. Yesterday I received three copies of the new BC Magazine for January 2011. All three versions are of me and my family. We did this shoot at home in December. I had no idea BC would come up with three versions! I am completely overwhelmed and grateful! I've never had anything like it before. Thank you BC!

I get giddy seeing photos of my kids and the house. The house, I have to say, looks much better in pictures than in real life. So it's always a treat to see it from a different angle. Everything was shot at home except for the picnic scene which was taken at the nearby park. We took inspiration from the Eat, Pray, Love fashion editorial I blogged about last year. The BC team took the idea and completely flew with it. The results, from these three shots, are AMAZING! Beautiful. Charming.

I am so grateful for the chance to do this considering they had just included me in their maiden issue. For the second issue, there's my three covers and one cover for GMA 7's CEO Atty Felipe Gozon's family. It's such a privilege to get to work with very talented and creative people. So many awesome people behind the scenes. All contributing to create beautiful images. The park scene was of epic proportions! The team even brought food to our house - we ended up with double catering (theirs and mine) - so we had a feast! The shoot was leisurely but efficient. It was like an extended family event. The clothes they brought for me and the girls filled an entire room! I'm not joking. Our entire downstairs was completely filled with gowns, dresses, crinolines for the girls, shoes, jewelry and other props. It was amazing!

BC Magazine Philippines will definitely make waves in the local publishing landscape, if they haven't done so already. They've already done so well in the US as a children's lifestyle/fashion mag, evolving to parenting and general lifestyle. I love their features on Hollywood celebs! And again, I'm completely amazed that Tom and Tanya Favis - the creators and owners of BC Magazine - do the photography and creatives themselves! True definition of creative entrepreneurs.

If you haven't seen the maiden issue yet, you can read and see all the pages in issuu. All their foreign issues are also on issuu.

Meanwhile, here's my 3-cover special for the 2nd issue of BC Mag Philippines:

BC Magazine January 2011

BC Magazine January 2011

BC Magazine January 2011



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