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Stella's wish: a bamboo bike


Bamboo bike for kids
Stella adores this kiddie KawayanTech bamboo bike. It belongs to her god-brother Quintin Villanueva.

One of the most fun parties we attended over the holidays was the one we (Patrick's barkada since childhood) put together for our children. It was a last minute idea. We had a "Santa," a blow up slide and pool, great food and good company. But the thing that got my baby Stella all worked up was this cute training bike. It was made for little Quintin by Kawayan Tech. Quintin is Hecky's little son. And Kawayan Tech is Hecky's group that makes bamboo bikes. Hecky passed away last November.

Bamboo bike for kids
No bike pedals. All the better to learn balance.

I asked Tammy Villanueva, Hecky's wife, a few questions about the Kawayan Tech bike...

Me: Why do these trainer bikes have no pedals?
Tammy: Trainer bikes, also known as walking/running/balance/push bikes, give toddlers the sense of balance and control needed for biking. When they're good with such bikes, developing their core, strengthening their legs in kicking and pushing, and steering the handlebars, then they have the confidence to move to the next step - using pedals.

Me: Why bamboo?
Tammy: Why bamboo? Why not?! Haha as Hecky said, "Kawayan Tech is all things bamboo." He also said "we grow your bikes for a greener environment."

Me: How long does it take to order a KT trainer bike? Can I order one for Stella, Hecky's god-daughter?
Tammy: I've noted your order and relayed it to KT. However, i still have to get to them on how long because there's a backlog with the adult bikes. Don't worry, you and raul were the first ones to order!

I can't wait for Stella to get her bamboo bike. She's just mastering the skill of walking and running. I figured by the time she's a bigger toddler, the bamboo bike will be ready. I can wait. These things are a work of art.

To find out more about Kawayan Tech products, join their facebook page here.



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