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Christmas Trees in Greenbelt 5


A few weeks ago Carlo Tadiar, Editor in Chief of Metro Home and Entertaining, invited me and 7 other individuals to decorate a tree that represented the spirit of environmental consciousness. Initially we were to be given trees and it was up to us to decorate it. But as soon as I got thinking, I knew I wanted to create the tree from scratch. So he let us do whatever and however we interpreted environmental consciousness. The trees would be on display in Greenbelt 5 til Dec 31st and auctioned off for the benefit of the Pasig River rehabilitation project by the ABSCBN Foundation.

I was thrilled to have been invited. But I was also very nervous to be among the company of the country's top artists, industrial designers and architects. Bea Valdes was doing a tree! Thuthump-thuthump. That's my heart beat.

Mine took a few days of thinking and conceptualizing. I wanted the tree to be functional, not just ornamental. I didn't have time to collect and recycle materials. And I didn't have elves to help me decorate a tree. I almost donated my daughters' cut-out ornaments, but decided to keep them. I knew I wanted it to involve a chair. Perhaps to stack old chairs, or reuse discarded wood parts from the factory. Then after discussing with my design team, a lightbulb went off. Why not a Tree Chair? I just had to make sure it somehow reflected my style.

Here's how the event turned out last Dec 7th...

Metro Home Editor in Chief Carlo Tadiar, Miguel Rosales, Anthony Nazareno, me and Bea Valdes. Not in photo Melissa La'O, Gabby Lichauco, Rita Nazareno, Leeroy New and Tes Pasola.

Bea Valdes' tree
"Ang Puno Natin" by Bea Valdes

Bea Valdes
Detail of Bea's tree, made of paper, cardboard and linen

Tes Pasola
"James Bound" by Tes Pasola

Tes Pasola
Detail of Tes Pasola's tree, made of newspapers

Miguel Rosales
Tree by Salcedo Auctions' Miguel Rosales

Leeroy New
Chrysalis by Leeroy New

Leeroy New
Leeroy New's concept

Mel La'O
Orphan Tree by Mel La'O and Gabby Lichauco

Al Caronan
"Kumukutreetap" by Al Caronan

Al Caronan
Al Caronan's tree, made of old plastic water bottles

SC Vizcarra's tree
Tree by Rita Nazareno of SC Vizcarra and Anthony Nazareno, architect. This is made of leather and steel frame.

My Tree chair
My tree chair.

My tree concept
The concept. What we have is the prototype chair. But we are developing a bench version.

Designer Christmas trees at Greenbelt 5
Me in my tree chair. It's comfy. And luckily the pillows from my current collection of Daphne Linens go well. I also added a few bunches of battery-operated LED light garlands.

Cathy Nazareno,
So happy to see and meet my friend from elementary school, Cathy Nazareno. We haven't seen each other since 1983! We both went to St Scho Manila for elementary and both of us left the country in 1983.

Please consider putting in a silent bid for any of these trees. They'll be in Greenbelt 5 until the end of the month/year. All to help fund the rehabilitation of the Pasig River.



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