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Today's the day


It's 12:30pm and I haven't voted yet. My neighbours and I went to the precinct at 8:30 am and the line was long. So we went back at 9:00am and it got even longer. We've decided to just wait it out until the sun goes a bit lower. We'll be back at 4:00pm together with the others who are probably thinking the same way. So I expect to be there for three to four hours.

I wanted to post this last night but was too busy with the kids. Campaigning is not allowed anymore. This is not a campaign story.

Yesterday morning, Teddy Dario invited me to celebrate Holy Mass in the afternoon at Magallanes church with the Gibo volunteers. It was Mothers Day and we already had our day planned. And my husband was "on duty" at his TV network's war room. So I didn't go. But I ran into some Gibo volunteers at the grocery after the Mass. One of them was Cholo Hidalgo Laurel who shared his account of the humble celebration via facebook:

Photo by Joel Lacsamana
Photo by Joel Lacsamana
The people in church could no longer hold their emotions. After the priest gave his blessings, we applauded waiting for him to turn and wave. He humbly accepted the outpouring but did not turn to wave as showbiz personalities would have probably done. I wondered for a while but then I thought, knowing the humble man that he is, he knew his place in the house of GOD. Seeing this photo, I see that he humbly looked up in recognition of the real boss :) - Cholo Hidalgo Laurel

For more of the celebration, please check out Joel Lacsamana's facebook note.

I'll be off to brave the heat at the voting precinct...
I am inspired. Win or lose... I'm inspired. Thank you GT.



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