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Because you asked


I'm not really into parading all my purchases in this blog... except if its a really good deal. Not being selfish or secretive. I guess I just don't want anyone to do the math and figure out how much I spend. LOL. I do get some PR samples and sometimes gifts. And if and when I do write about them, I indicate that it's from a PR kit. If I really like it then I rave about it. One of these days I'm going to have to figure out a system to deal with PR and advertisers. I do appreciate the attention and interest in my blog, and it is growing; we'll just have to find a workable middle ground for the benefit of my readers. Everything else here remains my own personal "diary."

Moving on... there are quite a few inquiries about where I bought this and that. I was a bit shy to reveal at first, but here are some of the pieces you've asked about

The sunglasses

Stella and me
Some flickr friends asked about these sunglasses. I wore them at the Sofitel balcony (holding on to Stella and stayed a safe distance from the edge).

They are made by Nina Ricci. I first saw them in January 2009 when I met the distributors of Lanvin eyewear. I ordered the Lanvin strass eyewear and also asked for this pair of green big shades by Nina Ricci.

I've mentioned before that I have a "thing" for designer sunglasses. Not because they're "designer" but because they really are made better. My eyes are very snooty. They get sick when they wear cheap sunglasses (read: I get nauseous and dizzy). Could be the result of Lasik surgery from years ago? But really, better eyewear is expensive because of the R&D and technology that goes into those fancy shades. I have a amassed collected a few pieces. But just like in any collection, there are just one or two that become favourites. They're all big. I can't wear small and aviator styles. They don't look good on me.

My new everyday pair
These have become my favourite everyday pair by Nina Ricci.

I got my pair in January, 2009. It was from the main guy's maleta. They hadn't gone into distribution yet. These were samples. But I couldn't wait. So I got the "advanced" sample. My case arrived three months later. By February style.com reported on it. This exact Nina Ricci style was a re-issue of Jackie O's sunglasses. And you know I have a thing for Jackie. So that was a big bonus.

The Nina Ricci Jackie O eyewear

I don't know where they sell them or if they still have them locally. Last August, I saw them in the window of that optical shop beside Cibo in Glorietta. That was the first time it dawned on me that my shades were Jackie's too.

My Nina Ricci shades
Nina Ricci re-issue of Jackie's eyewear.

The white dress

I didn't want to mention where I got this because this store doesn't need any further endorsements. And as it is I already spend too much there. And I'm annoyed that my Citibank Rustan's & SSI credit card doesn't "work" there (read: I get no points or rebates even if it's SSI). But too many emailers have asked. So I'll reveal...

For Celebrity Living Dec 2009
From Celebrity Living December 2009, Photo by Cyrus Panganiban

This white lace dress is just from Zara, Fall 09. It's pretty, alright. But I have to warn you, it's not the easiest dress to wear. It can be very unforgiving. High waist, big arm hole, extra fabric on the arms. I feel fatter than I really am when I wear this. They had it in black too, maybe that's better.

These shoes

Urban Zone - August 30, 2009
I cant' find a tight shot of the shoes.

These shoes are by Marni current collection. Got them in Adora. A bit higher priced than online stores (and they're probably on sale in the US now). But in Adora you get a 5-10-20% rebate on designer goods. There's a complicated calculation. So just ask first before you buy.



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