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Nothingness and everythingness


There are so many things going through my head. I have no time to blog full-blogs. So pardon the list format.

1. I'm trying hard no to be sad. Got some crappy news. Ugh. The bright side: it's not health related. We'll be fine. What do you guys do when you receive crappy news? How do you move on?

2. I went back to my "office" today. For the past couple of months I've been working out of our bed. It's easier to multitask there. But my mound of clutter -reading material, jewelry materials and samples got to be embarrassing. Not to mention hazardous to my baby. So here I am. How do you do work from home especially when you have cute but attention-seeking children?

Photo from this time last year - our little "office" at home. Now my table is one foot deep in clutter. Magazines...

3. Stella and I are both losing our hair. When she turned 3 months, she started shedding (I saved whatever I could gather from the bed, kept it in her memory book). It is an interesting cycle that mothers and babies go through together. I'm losing a lot of my hair at the same time. When hers grows back, mine will too. And I'll have lots of baby hair standing on attention.

We're both losing our hair
I'm also losing my hair this way.

4. At some point we're going to have to put up the Christmas tree. Sophia asked if I could put away the giant snowflakes. She doesn't like it. She wants the Christmas tin toys I've been using since Patrick's and my first Christmas together. I never change ornaments. I like the tradition in my parents' house. We've had the same ornaments since childhood. We add a few, upgrade a bit, but we keep the originals. All the ornaments have a story. I'm not falling for the "designer" trees that all look like they're bought right off the mall.

But sometimes I think I want a Charlie brown tree... or an all white plastic tree... or one made of tinsel. Can anyone tell me where I could find a kitschy tinsel tree?

Charlie Brown's Christmas tree

5. Speaking about Christmas trees, please be careful with the lights and all. I noticed that more and more Pinoys are buying real fresh trees imported from the U.S. Please be warned to keep your tree fresh and watered, otherwise they become major fire hazards. Pine trees are extremely flammable. Watch these videos:

Dry tree on the left; "fresher" tree

Real Christmas tree

5. I've been reading Jane's debutante experience at Hotel Crillon. Everything's so lovely. A real Cinderella story. (except she's wealthy to begin with).

6. Does it really take this long to sync an iPhone? 1.5 hours. Tagal.

7. I want Daphne Guinness' new fragrance. I love the bottle. I love the scent.

Daphne Guinness
"Daphne" for Comme des Garcons scent. It's available here - 30% higher than the price at Barney's. So I'm going to have to wait 'til the New Yorkers come.

8. We watched E.T. a few days ago. Sophia was asking a hundred questions. Her alien is Eve form Wall-E. Mine will forever be E.T. I always cry at this scene. Especially when E.T. says "Come." and Elliot says "Stay." Cry cry...

Drew Barrymore in E.T.

9. K&Company's holiday collection is slowly trickling in. I got this in all its incarnations - dress, top, mustard, navy and mocha. For this one I just added that flower pin, just so I can use it already.

UZ at Ito Kish store

10. I've never done it before. Patrick hates the concept (just give the planner for free already). I never saved stickers for a free planner at Starbucks. But I'm this close to getting a free planner at Seattle's Best. The book is nice. Except that I use Moleskine.

I've never done this before
Now I just have to buy 5 ugly fattening Christmas drinks... oh no.

11. Can someone please tell me what's the secret to taking good iPhone 3GS pics? Sometimes I get really lucky and my photos come out sharp and pretty. Sometimes it just sucks. And it's supposed to have a focusing mechanism. (All the photos in this story were shot using iPhone 3gs except for the first one (using Leica), Charlie Brown, Daphne Guinness and Mitcg Gaylord. See how much clearer some are (stella's pic) while others are just plain bad.

Key to the old aparador
This is the key to our old aparador. It looks very Tiffany's. Sophia asked if she could have a Tiffany key. The price is 50% more expensive in Rustan's. Oh my. Don't retailers know that there's online shopping these days?

12. Toys are so bloody expensive in this country. Since when did Crayola markers cost USD40/PHP1999?

This toy is USD40 here?!!!
I know it has a boat. But P1999?

13. My sister found a box of my old things in Toronto. She sent me some old stationery I kept from my childhood. Remember when we used to collect cute writing paper? And we used to trade them?

Stationery from my childhood
That cute "statio" in the bottom left dates back to when I was in Grade 4. Really!!

I wrote this in 1984???
I wrote this in 1984. Do you kids know who Mitch Gaylord is?

Mitch Gaylord, Team USA Gymnastics, 1984 LA Olympics. Ang guapo!

14. I love shopping at Adora. Not just because the aisles are so empty all the time (I do love feeling like I'm shopping alone), but I really appreciate the service. As far as retail goes, Adora has perfected the art of customer service.

I still like shopping at Adora
It also helps when you score a few designer stuff on sale.

15. I don't like controversy. This one is on the funny side though. Bryan Boy wrote about the restaurant I wrote about the other day. Read Bryan's story here.

16. Stella is 4 months old. How did that happen so fast? She's lovely, adorable, beautiful. Everything.

She's 4 months old
Fully breastfed little Stella. She hasn't even tasted water. Just my milk.

She smells soooo good.

Making this list was quite therapeutic. I'm not sad anymore.



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