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Our awesome planet


Anton Diaz, Our Awesome Planet
Anton and Rache Diaz of www.ourawesomeplanet.com

Last week, we met up with Anton and Rache Diaz the lovely couple behind Our Awesome Planet. If you've been reading blogs for some time, I'm sure Our Awesome Planet is already on your bookmark. It is THE blog for everything about travel and food.

Anton was Patrick's roommate in Singapore at the recent Nuffnang awards. I guess I forgot to mention that Patrick was my "special correspondent." He still owes me a few stories about that trip. Promise to blog about it soon. I wanted to meet Anton because though he didn't know it, he actually played a big role in "pushing" me to start this blog. Almost three years ago, Anton put me as #3 in his list of top 10 Pinay celebrity bloggers. I came after Bianca Gonzales and KC Concepcion. O ha! I wasn't actually "blogging" per se. He was referring to my photo albums in Flickr: "It is refreshing to see a celebrity having an online photo blog like Daphne.... It is fun to see the photos of Daphne as if watching a reality F show using photos. She often interacts with ka-flickrs and I admire her openness in sharing her lives in the photos of her family." Before being mentioned in OAP, I was in a teeny tiny online universe of friends and family only.

Anton suggested the restaurant Upper East at NDC Building in Tordesillas St. Makati. I won't attempt to do an expert food review. That, I will leave to Anton. I'll just share a few insights. As I very rarely get excited or impressed with food, I focused on the design of the place. It was adorable.

Upper East Restaurant
Interior design by Heima Cubao

Upper East Restaurant
Lots of interesting wall art

Upper East Restaurant

Upper East Restaurant
Lavatory. Pretty.

Upper East Restaurant
Framed designer paper

Anton Diaz, Our Awesome Planet
Anton "at work"

Upper East Restaurant
I ate this - Caesar's Salad. The bacon wasn't really bacon. It was like a crispy slice of ham.

Upper East Restaurant
I ate this - chicken wings.

Upper East Restaurant
Patrick ate this - blackened fish, spicy.

Read Our Awesome Planet's review.



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