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Shop Familia


I just discovered the coolest shop for kids' fashion. It's called Shop Familia at the La'O Building just outside San Lorenzo Village Makati. They have the cutest items and hottest brands in children's fashion -- and most of them are majorly discounted. The discounts are insane. Really irresistible. I found so many goodies. Let's just say... Christmas came early for my girls.

Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts
My 6 year old and 4 year old traipsing around the house in their new Kaiya Eve pettiskirts

Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts
They couldn't get over how flouncy and bouncy the skirts were. They sat down and pretended to be flowers.

And twirled all day

Celebrity kids wearing Kaiya Eve
Dakota Fanning wore it to an awards event (years ago). There are a lot of petticoats out in the market. But the brand Kaiya Eve is the one Hollywood celebs and their daughters wear.

They must use almost a hundred yards (I'm exaggerating) of the softest tulle to make one pettiskirt. The tulle is so soft, there is no lining under the skirt. Even babies can wear them. Shop Familia has so many colours in their store right now. And as an introductory offer, they are almost 50% off and they also have an online shop.

I also discovered Right Bank Babies - vintage inspired practical baby/toddler clothes. All their styles are reversible. The prints are retro-looking. I think this is my new favourite brand/style of baby clothes. They look almost hand sewn.

Right Bank Babies
These kimonos are adorable. I love kimonos on kids. I used to make them 6 years ago.

Soph wearing the Kimono I made
One of the kimonos I made for Sophia way before I knew there was Right Bank Babies. I used vintage-style fabric from Japan. I made a few and sold them at a bazaar five years ago. It did well. I thought I wanted my own kids clothing line. But I lost couldn't manage and focused instead on jewelry and the bedlinens. I'm so glad there's Right Bank Babies now.

Right Bank Babies
I fell in love with the dress on the right but Patrick preferred the romper with the owl print for the baby. He won. (Remember they're all reversible with the cutest prints)

Right Bank Babies
But I think I'm going to sneak back to get the dress for the baby when he's not looking. (RBB clothes come with a packet of lavender).

Other things we saw:

Umi shoes
Umi shoes These shoes have small rubber circles in its soles. So it's non slip. Perfect even for our wooden floors.

Weil bottles, either BPA-free plastic or glass. I got a sippy cup for Stella's future needs. I love the design.

Some ugly dolls

Harajuku Lovers for babies

EDIT: By the way they have a lot of cute stuff for little boys too. But obviously I don't know how its like to shop for them.

Shop Familia is at the groud floor of La'O Centre in Makati (just by the main gate of San Lo)
Daily, 1030AM to 730PM
Mobile No.: 09165933203
Web site: www.shopfamilia.com.ph or shopfamilia.multiply.com
Tel. No.: 8428412



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